Month: August 2014

Getting Kids ready for Back to School : Dental Care

Believe it or not summer is almost over and it is time to start thinking about getting your kids ready for back to school. Traditionally “back to school” supplies means clothes, notebooks, pens, backpacks and other school paraphernalia so your kids are good to go on day one. However, there is one item that is often overlooked and it can be the most important “tool” your kid will need in his or her scholastic year and that’s good dental health.

A back to school dental exam is a smart move and ensures that your kids are starting the school year without the distractions and potential pain that dental problems can cause. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tooth decay is the largest chronic infectious disease risk that your kids will face. Further, it is estimated that 19% of children 2 to 12 have undiagnosed tooth decay and that can lead to problems eating, speaking, focusing and generally leading a normal kid’s life.

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