Month: March 2015

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Kids Dentistry Weston – Getting Your Kid Ready for that First Visit

Kids’ dentistry can be a challenge for parents particularly that impression forming first dental exam. It’s almost as much about child psychology as it is about dental health. At our Weston dentist office we have a method to handle kids as young as 3 years old but we need the parent’s assistance to get the most out of it.

How you prepare your child for their first visit goes a long way in determining if the child will continue dental care later in life. Our suggestion is that you schedule an appointment for yourself and bring your child with you. Make a big deal out of having good looking teeth. When the child arrives s/he will find friendly people who make them feel comfortable and offer games, TV and blankets while you have your appointment.

When it’s time for that first exam, (their turn at the dentist just like Mommy or Daddy) explain that the dentist is going to “count their teeth” and use a tooth brush to touch each tooth and count them off.

Kid’s Dentistry – The Start of a Lifetime Health Habit                  

Making that first exam an easy experience creates the mindset for later visits. Dr. Pyle is exceptionally experienced with kids in dentist chairs but he will be a stranger the first time.

If you have a question regarding how to best prepare your kid, Dr. Pyle will take the time to explain the best strategies and give you a crash course in child oral health. Read More:

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In Weston, Cosmetic Dentistry is About More Than a Great Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is probably the most misunderstood dental term among our Weston patients. Most believe that cosmetic dentistry is strictly about a beautiful appearance and not about dental health. The fact is cosmetic dentistry is finding its way into many restorative procedures.

The advances made in cosmetic dentistry materials and technology easily translate to procedures like fillings and crowns which are considered core restorative services.

For example there is now a material that is the same color of the tooth that can be used in fillings. Traditional silver fillings work fine of course but they announce their presence every time you open your mouth. The new material is just as durable as silver and is nearly invisible. Which would you prefer?

Broken or chipped teeth are not only unattractive but they degrade the ability to properly chew food and in some cases, to speak correctly. Porcelain veneers are a viable alternative to traditional crowns. These veneers are thin, durable porcelain tooth shaped shells that can be easily be bonded to the front of the tooth giving it a healthy “whole” appearance.

There are many other examples where “cosmetic dentistry” techniques and material can be applied to what many patients consider “normal” dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Provides More than Just a Beautiful Smile

We explained above how cosmetic dentistry is a key element of basic dental care. But for almost every patient who takes advantage of our cosmetic services there is an increase in personal confidence and self-image. Those two characteristics can have a huge impact on a person’s work, relationships with others and even family life.

Dr. Pyle has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for over 25 years. If you have any questions feel free to call us for our opinion. Read more: