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Tips for Choosing a Weston Pediatric Dentist

What to Look for in a Pediatric Dentist Weston’s Top Family Dentist Explains


Finding a good kid dentist who has both the training to care for your child’s teeth and that your kid trusts and likes can be a hit and miss exercise unless you know what to look for. Weston pediatric dentist Stephen J. Pyle DDS has been treating kids for over a quarter century and offers some important tips for parents looking for a child dentist and who are new to the Weston/Davie area or who have a child ready for their first trip to the dentist.

How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

One thing to keep in mind when searching for a kid dentist is geographic location is not always a limiter. Dr. Pyle has parents bringing their children to his Weston dental office from as far away as Fort Lauderdale. They find the extra drive time a small price to pay to have children who don’t have anxiety over a trip to Dr. Pyle’s place.

So here is where you want to start in your search for a pediatric dentist:

  • Ask your pediatrician for referrals
  • Ask your friends and co-workers who they take their kids to and, just as important, who have they tried and left
  • Once you have found prospective dentists find out what their training is and how long they have been treating children
  • Call the dental office or visit the dentist’s website to see what services the dentist provides children
  • Determine what dental technology the dentist uses i.e. digital x-ray, laser assisted treatment, preventive care
  • Does the dentist treat toddlers to teens
  • Is the dentist available for emergency dental care of kids

Of course nothing beats a trip to the dental office for a face to face with the dental staff and the dentist. If the office is all institutional décor and the staff appear to be all business, that’s a reflection of how the dentist runs his or her practice and that may not be the best environment to bring a kid into. That’s not to say the dentist is a bad dentist, that office may be the perfect solution for a busy adult patient whose schedule is just as tight as any health care provider but if you are put off imagine how your kid will react.

Child psychology is an important element in pediatric health care of any kind. You want a dentist with a friendly staff that welcomes children and a dentist who makes the visit a relaxed and fun experience.

At Dr. Pyle’s practice that’s the kind of office we run. If you would like more information or schedule an appointment for your child, please give us a call today to speak to our friendly staff.

Weston’s Top Kids Dentist Offer Tips on Your Child’s 1st Visit

Tips on Your Child’s 1st Dental Visit From Weston’s Top Kids Dentist

“Getting it right” starts with a kid’s parents. The world of a small child revolves around the home because that’s where mom and dad live, that’s where he or she feels safe, and that’s where they know they can satisfy their basic needs for food, attention and love. Small kids trust their parents and usually try to emulate them.

Take it from a Weston Dentist with nearly 30 years of experience providing dental care for kids; your child’s first dental visit is an important event that will influence her or his oral health for the rest of their lives. Getting it right the first time is far easier than trying to correct any negative perception a child might develop about a “trip to the dentist.”

It’s important to use that trust to prep a child for their first experience at the dental office.

The Role of the Parent and the Role of the Dentist

The primary responsibility for having a successful first visit belongs to the dentist. He or she needs to provide the parents with the information needed to prepare the child in a way that helps to eliminate the anxiety that children feel with any new experience. At our Weston dental office I often recommend:

  • Make a game out of counting teeth. Start this at least 6 months before the exam. You count the child’s teeth with your fingers and then let the child count yours. Do this on a fairly regular basis to get the child accustomed to having fingers in their mouth touching teeth.
  • When it’s time for the parent to have an exam, tell the child that the dentist is going to “count” the parent’s teeth to make sure they are safe and healthy. Take the child on the appointment and introduce him or her to the staff and the dentist. This visit becomes the child’s “first experience” with the dentist and it is a positive one. When it’s time for the child to get their own exam they will be going to have their teeth counted just like mom and dad do.
  • The dentist will do little more than a quick exam of the child’s teeth and gums. The idea of this first “real” visit s to build trust. A good pediatric dentist understands that at this stage psychology is just as important as any treatment.

Starting out correctly puts a positive spin on oral health and that’s exceptionally important in building good oral hygiene habits that will follow them the rest of their lives.

If you have a toddler ready for a dental exam, call our dental office in Weston and speak with a friendly technician on how to start preparing your kid for their first dentist visit.

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Weston’s First Family Dentist Explains the Importance of Back To School Check-ups

The Importance of Back To School Check-ups From Weston’s First Family Dentist

Guess who’s going back to school in a couple of weeks?

Can you recall your dental health experiences from back in grade school? Can you remember a time when you had a cavity that hurt so bad you couldn’t keep your mind on the class? You didn’t want to tell your parents because that meant a trip to the dentist and in your 8 year old mind that was the same as a trip to a torture chamber.

Family dentist Stephen J. Pyle, “Weston’s first dentist” wants to remind you that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 19% of kids age 3 to 12 have undiagnosed tooth decay.

Child dentistry has changed significantly since you carried a lunchbox to school. Today’s technology and techniques are far more comfortable and the preventive care methods can make cavities a rare event. If you want to prevent your child from reliving your experience, we suggest you do the following:

  • If your child is going to participate in any contact sports, this may be the time to have him or her fitted with a custom sports guard. Even if all their permanent teeth have not come in, a sports guard will protect their gums and the permanent teeth that have arrived.
  • Some small children will benefit with time spent with Dr. Pyle educating them about oral health in a language and method that kids understand.
  • Begin a tradition in your family and schedule your children for a back to school dental exam at our Weston dental office to deal with any issues before they head off to class.
  • Our dental exam will seem like something out of Star Trek compared to your experience in grade school. We use digital x-rays, advanced sealants, Carifree cavity prevention and provide orthodontic evaluations.

Pick up the phone now and make an appointment at our Weston dental practice for your kids’ back to school dental exam. Believe it or not, at some point in their lives your kids will thank you.